Due to the ever changing Vehicle Sales Industry’s demands, as well as the growing demand for financing of privately purchased vehicle, Boland Private Vehicle Finance came into existence in January 2015 to cater for an ever growing demand to supply this additional service to our customers all over the country.

As a full subsidiary of the well-established and widely known Nortier Motors, we continue the tradition of fair deals done with integrity at Boland Private Vehicle Finance.

Boland Private Vehicle Finance is the result of a continuously growing market of customers that need to finance vehicles they want to buy from private individuals. Boland Private Vehicle Finance is there to facilitate such deals in a reputable environment on behalf of the financial institution, the buyer and the seller. We are accredited with all the Financial Institutions.



i. A clear, legible copy of your ID document.

ii. A 200% enlargement clear and legible copy of your Drivers license.

iii. Proof of residential address – Municipal account etc.

iv. Latest payslip.

v. 3 Months bank statements or Authorisation to the Finance Institution to draw bank statements on your behalf.



i. A clear, legible copy of your ID document.

ii. Proof of residential address – Municipal account etc.

iii. A current and valid settlement letter obtained from your financer.

iv. A clear, legible copy of the NATIS document.

v. A valid full inspection obtained from Dekra AA.

vi. A valid Roadworthy Certificate.



i. Boland Private Vehicle Finance will validate the buyer’s credit-worthiness.

ii. We will obtain an application from the buyer and submit it to all the financial institutions in order to secure finance.

iii. We will run a HPI and VVI check on the vehicle, to ensure the legitimacy of the purchased vehicle.

iv. All reports requested and obtained, will be made available to all pertaining parties.

v. Both the buyer and seller will receive a file containing all relevant documents pertaining to the transaction.

vi. Boland Private Vehicle Finance will settle all outstanding settlements to financial institutions.

vii. We will also do all registrations of the vehicle.

viii. We will receive all deposits needed to secure the transaction, and also do all payments to the seller that is due to him/her as a result of the transaction.


If you require the services of Boland Private Vehicle Finance, please do not hesitate to contact us for a full quotation and copies of all necessary documents.

We would like to assure all our customers of our best service at all times. We invite you to contact us should you need a facilitator to obtain your dream vehicle.